Dental RCM Solutions

Further develop income, decrease expenses, and accelerate income with our inventive innovation, proficient staff, and profound industry experience that returns to 2002

Dental RCM Solutions for Single Practices, Dental Groups, and DSOs
We have profound experience assisting dental associations with surpassing income and development focuses by wiping out tedious, managerial assignments. Sheeshaspark Dental RCM arrangements take more time for errands that make your staff remain available or before their PC and permits them to zero in on tolerant collaboration. Whether those errands dwell at a Central Billing Office (CBO) or at the workplace level, let Sheeshaspark eliminate a hindrance to development and benefit with our set-up of Dental Revenue Cycle Management arrangements.

Our Dental RCM Solutions Work With Your Practice Management Software

Our set-up of dental arrangements like dental protection qualification check, claims statusing, and installment posting all work with your current practice the executives (PM) programming.

Sheeshaspark's arrangement of incorporations and experience working with standard, cloud-based, specialty, or exclusive PM programming implies your dental association bamboozles the two universes: further developed income, diminished expenses, and keeping the PM programming you rely upon.

Sheeshaspark Dental RCM Solutions
Dental Eligibility and
Income Cycle Management
Dental Billing
Sheeshaspark is the country's driving dental charging supplier. Figure out how we're assisting dental associations with scaling by lessening costs and streamlining income.
Take out outbound protection check and claims statusing calls to permit more cooperation with patients. Diminish costs, accelerate income, and develop your association.

Dental Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Tailored Dental RCM solutions for Dental Organizations of All Sizes


We'll deal with the horde of desk work expected to qualification and enlist your PCPs in Medicare or business protection plans. We'll monitor dates to guarantee that re-credentialing is achieved as soon a possible.

Debt claims Follow up

We'll explore open cases, figure out why they haven't been paid and resubmit if fundamental, connecting any missing reports and x-beams.

Before you move information into another training the executives framework or from a training you gain into your framework, we'll audit plans in the framework, dispose of copies and move patients to the right plans and claims to the right patients. We'll likewise tidy up old Accounts Receivables

Plan and Accounts
Receivable Clean Up

Charge Schedule Maintenance

Installment Posting, Adjustments, Denial Management

Charge Schedule Maintenance

We'll stay up with the latest taking into consideration legitimate treatment plans and the accommodation of clean cases.

We'll post installments from EOB's or lock boxes, process changes and dissents and append EOB's to the patient record.

We change your Accounts Payable Workflow into a proficient, paperless cycle. Watch a demo of our A/P Outsourcing arrangement.