MedClarity Analytics

The MedClarity Practice Management System's hearty set-up of investigation is not difficult to utilize and gives strong bits of knowledge into your income cycle

Keep steady over Practice Performance
MedClarity has business scientific apparatuses that are intended to assist you with staying aware of the most recent norms for your forte. Keep steady over everything from approvals to settlements.
Revealing Capabilities
MedClarity gives you transparency and complete control of your revenue cycle with its unbounded reporting capability. The reporting dashboard contains preset and saved reports. Plus, reports can be generated in both summary and detailed views as well as exported to the format of your choosing.

Practice Wellness Report

MedClarity produces a training wellbeing report consistently. The PWR report is downloadable and gives a broad perspective on the monetary condition of your training without running numerous reports. Included is a continuous preview of your training and income measurements as well as a correlation in view of the norms for your claim to fame. This report likewise contains a point by point investigation of your repayments, top payers, account receivables, and disavowals.
Viewpoints Business Analytics Tool
The MedClarity Perspectives Business Analytics Tool gives you an in-depth insight into your practice revenue. You can easily report and choose from different categories or operational areas of your practice. Depending on the selected category, a variety of criteria will appear, which you can drag and drop to utilize as filters, or items in a series. Additional options can be selected for your report. Data can be displayed in both chart and grid form and even exported in excel.
Relative Value Units (RVUs) are an extraordinary gauge of training and supplier usefulness. The MedClarity Practice Management System consequently works out RVUs for your training. RVU announcing in MedClarity is accessible on request.